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The internet doesn't understand your personal health, and doctor visits can be expensive and inconvenient.

K uses cutting-edge AI to give you immediate answers you can trust and convenient access to quality primary care in minutes.

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Here's why K works better

It’s not generic—it’s personalized

K asks smart questions about your symptoms and accounts for your age, gender, and medical history as it investigates your health. In minutes, you’ll see how people like you were diagnosed and treated by doctors when they were in your situation.

It’s not a visit—it’s a conversation

We’ve redesigned the doctors’ visit and turned it into an ongoing conversation that feels like texting with a friend. Chat with the doctor on call throughout your health episode for a diagnosis, advice, prescriptions and lab test orders. It costs less than a typical copay and there’s no insurance required.

Your records private and secure

Records of your symptoms and care stay on your phone. Plus, K Health complies with both HIPAA + GDPR, the world's leading standards for information security and privacy. We use anonymized data to make the app smarter, but we will never sell, rent, or share your personal health information.

How it works

Check your symptoms

Tell K what’s bothering you to investigate your symptoms. Every conversation is unique and takes about two minutes to complete.

Explore conditions and treatments

K shows you how doctors diagnosed and treated people like you who had similar symptoms. You’ll learn what to watch out for as well as the tests and medications people like you needed to get better.

Chat with a doctor for just $19 (if needed)

If needed, you can chat with an expert doctor for just $19 ($9/month for unlimited chats) who can diagnose, prescribe medicine, and order lab tests.

Our medical leadership

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Dr. Edo Paz, MD

VP, Medical

A graduate of Harvard and Columbia University Medical School, Dr. Paz is both a practicing internist and cardiologist.

Dr. Neil Brown, MD

Chief Diagnosis Officer

With 20 years of ER experience, Dr. Brown has worked at top US hospitals including University of Illinois, Chicago and IU Health Arnett Hospital.

Dr. Maya Leventer-Roberts, MD

Sr. Director, Medical

Dr. Leventer-Roberts graduated with a degree in physics from Wesleyan University and earned her M.D. from Yale University School of Medicine.

Dr. Daniel Souroujon, MD

VP, Medical Sciences

After graduating with his MD from Tel Aviv University, Dr. Souroujon studied software engineering and went on to lead SAP dev teams at Gilat Satellite Networks.

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"Surprisingly spot on! I was very skeptical about this app...My immediate action whenever I feel something is even slightly wrong is to go to the doctor.  But this app actually saved me the trip..." - Sushinyc

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