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K Health Members Surprise Their Doctors With This Incredible Gift

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Health care workers are notoriously tough. They are brave. They are unflappable in the face of chaos. Most of all, they are deeply giving humans.

This year they have given their all, every day - to so many of us who need it now more than ever.

At K Health, our mission is to help people feel better, faster. So, we thought: In this especially hard time, how can we make our health care heroes feel a little better? How can we let them know how much they mean to us and to our members? How can we say thank you?

Stories of gratitude.

We asked some of our members to share stories of gratitude, so we could pass them on to our health care workers. To be honest, in this crazy-busy time of year— in the midst of a pandemic - we didn’t know how many people would take the time to write back. But what we got back was an overwhelming outpouring of support.

In 24 hours, we received over 200 thoughtful gratitude letters, and hundreds more letters have poured in since. Every story was unique, but there was a common theme: how K Health doctors improved our members’ lives:

  • Members shared how they got their lives back thanks to personalized mental health treatment

  • Patients who have been afraid to see a doctor finally felt safe, comfortable, and cared for without judgment

  • Members who would have otherwise suffered for weeks or months waiting for an appointment got quality care instantly

After reading your letters, our health care workers were inspired—and energized.

“This made my day, week, month and year,” said Dr. Yvette Owens, a K-affiliated emergency room doctor.

Thank you to our members for sharing your stories. Your experiences inspire us to keep innovating to bring life-changing care to more people every day. In the words of a member, “thank you 1,000 times over.”

Your stories matter, and we love reading them all. Below are just a few of those notes.


Saving our lives

You have no idea... You may have actually saved my life. 2020 has been exceptionally hard (for everyone, I know). Being able to get the medicine I needed during trying times has made a huge difference. It made the burdens I was carrying not quite so heavy, so I didn't give up.

You may not see me when we talk, you may not hear my voice, or know what I look like when I smile... and I don't know what you sound like or any of those things either, but I am so VERY grateful for you.

What you do matters. You matter. Thank you. Thank YOU 1,000 times over.


Giving us time back with our families

I would like to personally thank Dr. Masood and Dr. Chen for taking time away from their families to help not only me, but the thousands of other patients as well. It was because they took time away from their families that I was not forced to take time away from mine by sitting in an emergency room waiting area to be seen. This may not mean a lot to some, but it is a great sacrifice medical professionals make everyday for us. THANK YOU!


Being there whenever, wherever we need

Dr. Matthew Horn, thank you for your help when I needed it so much! Thank you for taking the time to be there and making it so easy for patients like me to get medical help. Without your help and the help of K Health, I would still be trying to find medical help, which has been so difficult, especially during the 2020 year and in the rural community I live in. Your service in the medical community has changed lives for the better, including mine! Please remember you are greatly appreciated!


Treating us with compassion

The K Health Team has been a blessing to my mind, body, and spirit. I lost my job and therefore my benefits at the top of the pandemic. I did not know how I would be able to have my routine mental health care at the same level of my psych MD. It is difficult to open up to complete strangers regarding mental health, but Drs. Martin and Mitton were so sweet and professional. The AI check-ins have been great for accountability. I cannot thank you ALL enough for treating me with dignity and grace.


Giving us a new perspective with mental health treatment

THANK YOU for all that you're doing and have done to help me in my journey to get back on track with my anxiety. If it were not for the services and understanding you have provided me I’m not sure that I would be ok now. THANK YOU THANK YOU! May you and your families be as blessed as you have blessed me.


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